Phosphorus suits those who are open, affectionate, and sympathetic but also prone to being naïve, suggestible, or “spacey”. Children needing Phosphorus may have rapid growth. The senses can be hypersensitive with the person reacting strongly to odours, touch, sounds, and flavours or textures. Sleep – even short naps – relieves symptoms but will also worsen them if the person is sleeping on the left side. Phosphorus treats numbeness and tingling as in multiple sclerosis, easy or prolonged bleeding in which the blood clots slowly, and even debilitation or collapse – but only when other symptoms suit.

Mental-emotional Symptoms

  • Numerous fears and free-floating anxiety – thunderstorms, that something bad will happen, death, darkness.
  • Anxiety feels worse when alone but is relieved by company.
  • Fogged feeling – unable to think clearly.

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