Magnesium phosphoricum


Magnesium phosphoricum (Mag-p.) is a useful remedy for types of neuralgia (nerve pain), usually shooting or stabbing in nature, and cramps. Symptoms generally occur on the right side of the body, feel better for hard pressure or rubbing, and are worsened by cold air or bathing.

Mental-emotional Symptoms

  • Irritable and oversensitive.

Facial and Head Problems

  • Right-sided nerve pain that worsens with cold air but improves with firm pressure or warmth.

Dental Problems

  • Nerve pain in teeth worsened by cold air, compresses or liquids.

Abdominal Problems

  • Colic or cramping which is relieved by firm pressure, warmth, rubbing or bending double.

Menstrual Problems

  • Dysmenorrhoea (painful periods) which is relieved by warmth and firm pressure.

Limb Problems

  • Cramps, especially of hands and fingers.
  • Writer’s cramp.
  • Sciatic pain which is relieved by heat and pressure.

For Pets

  • Colic or cramping pain that improves with rubbing or warmth.

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