Kalium carbonicum


Kalium carbonicum (Kali-c.) is a useful remedy for types of arthritis, asthma, peptic ulcers, sinusitis and respiratory cararrh … when the symptom complexes of each problem match those of Kali-c. Those who need Kali-c. have strong mental control, are sticklers for the rules, dutiful, and moral. They crave sweets and emotions are felt in the solar plexus or abdomen – either like a bruise or blow. They are sensitive to drafts, complain of feeling cold yet sweat heavily, and catch colds after excessive perspiration. The upper eyelids may swell and pains feel needle-like, stitching and piercing. Physical symptoms or insomnia worsen between 2-4am. 

Mental-emotional Symptoms

  • Rigid and conservative. Mind rules the emotions.
  • Dogmatic and proper – black or white positions.
  • Strong sense of duty.
  • Tendency to possessiveness or hoarding.
  • Fear of impending disease.
  • Talk to themselves.

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